astramine scam

AstraMine Reviews – Scam!!!

According to reviews of traders AstraMine is another cryptocurrency scammer who takes money from customers under the pretext of investment.

AstraMine has several social media accounts. For all sorts of scammers who make one-day products it is very important to attract as many as possible customers into their scam. But scammers didn’t succeed on social media: they have only 29 Facebook subscribers.

AstraMine Reviews - Scam!!!

As we can see below on Twitter the situation is better – 767 subscribers. 

astramine scam

Although the mailbox is indicated on the AstraMine website, the Telegram channel remains the main communication channel with these scammers with the help of which they also look for more and more potential customers.

Also, AstraMine has a channel on YouTube. Alexander Ivanovsky represents interests of this company there, but we suspect he is just a hired actor

astramine scam

Internet resource of fraudsters AstraMine

The official website does not look professional: an ordinary, cheap website. If AstraMine is a solid company and provides supposedly investment services, then its website should be done properly as this is the first thing that traders pay attention to.

astramine scam

Of course, there are fake reviews on the site – supposedly from the participants in this project who got rich with them. There is no doubt that all these so-called reviews are written by the crooks themselves. So, we don’t recommend to pay attention to them.

AstraMine requires a fairly large investment that is quite typical for scammers. A minimum deposit of 500 dollars and a maximum of  5000 dollars show the true desire of these scammers. They are going to steal as much money as possible from traders, and then they will disappear.

astramine scam

Another reason to worry about future investors is the absence of a license. They don’t provide any information about it on the official website, so we assume they don’t have it at all.

The fact that this is all just another scam is written not only by us but also by the popular blog Seoseed. There they warn all users and Internet earning enthusiasts – trading with AstraMine is dangerous for your money. If you send them your funds, you are unlikely to see them again.

Reviews About Astramine

Also,  there are a lot of reviews of real customers on the Internet who contacted these scammers and regretted afterward.

astramine scam

Another forex trader is left without money

astramine scam


Based on all the above, we do not recommend this broker. We assume that if you are reading this article, you are looking for reliable brokers – we have a list of trusted brokers for you. So, if you have faced the fraud, our team of lawyers is ready to help you return the money.