bdswiss scam

BDSwiss Reviews – Scam!!!

According to reviews BDSwiss is another offshore scam broker in Forex, CFD and binary options that started working from the beginning of 2012 and continues to deceive naive users.

 BDSwiss official site

You will not see anything interesting on the official site of the scam platform, there are many beautiful words to attract as many customers as possible. There is also a Russian version of the site but it isn’t made properly. Do not fall for their online scam!

bdswiss official website

BDSwiss has several accounts on social media to attract naive users. The following screenshots of the pages are used most often by scammers:

– Twitter page https: // twitter com / bdswissen

bdswiss scam

– page in Linked In https: //www.linkedin com / company / bdswiss /

bdswiss scam

There are also questions about the license. There are 3 companies operating under the BDSwiss brand, each with its own regulator:

BDSwiss LLC regulated by NFA , license 0486419;

BDSwiss Holding PLC regulated by CySEC, license 199/13;

BDS Markets regulated by FSC since the end of 2016. (the name of the third company looks like the name of a separate company that has nothing to do with BDSwiss)

Everything looks so strange and confusing, the client may not even know with which company he is working. At any time they can close one of the companies and continue to work with the other as each of them has its own separate license. In addition, CySEC and FSC licenses were issued by two offshore countries Cyprus and Mauritius, from where it will be very difficult for customers to get their money back.  If you want to complain in court, you will have to spend a lot on legal costs and in the end, you may not achieve the desired result since this is the legal system of another country.

There are also questions about the contact information on the official website of the company. The owner of the building is Vistra that does not know anything about the broker located under the indicated address. This means that this forex broker is lying about its location.

bdswiss scam

Broker’s contact numbers are also questionable: no one answers English and German numbers, and Spanish does not exist at all.

bdswiss scam

Their lie goes on. The company BDSwiss reports that it has been providing its services since 2011 and is allegedly the leader of the financial sphere. They claim that they have even an office in the Swiss city of Zug. But there are no addresses and confirmations. As it turned out, the site was purchased in 2013 and started working with customers only at the beginning of 2014.

On average, 20-30 people visit the BDSwiss website per day.Obviously, the company is not popular and trustworthy.

Reviews of former clients about BDSwiss 

Also,  there are a lot of reviews of real customers on the Internet who contacted these scammers and regretted afterward.

bdswiss reviews

Clients report about withdrawal issues

bdswiss reviews
bdswiss reviews


Based on all the above, we do not recommend this broker. We assume that if you are reading this article, you are looking for reliable brokers – we have a list of trusted brokers for you. So, if you have faced the fraud, our team of lawyers is ready to help you return the money.