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How to make money on Forex with a broker Fxcore.trade

Fxcore.trade employs high-level traders and analysts who have extensive experience.

Trading in the financial markets only looks simple and easy. You need to guess with the direction of the price – up or down, and press the button, wait for the end of the transaction, make money or lose. But behind the simple hides a difficult path that must be overcome in order to become a successful trader.

What is the whole difficulty of trading?

There are several reasons why people cannot make money in the markets, but we will analyze the main ones.

1) Unjustified expectations. A person who comes to the market thinks that in a week he will be able to earn hundreds of thousands, millions and billions. And when he gets the first significant loss, that enthusiasm and desire to trade disappear.

2) Training. Someone chooses the path of self-taught, he searches for materials himself, tests the acquired knowledge in practice. This path takes a long time, but it is free. Those who have money buy courses in order to quickly enter the topic and not waste time on it. There is no universal course, everyone should understand how he needs to be taught.

3) Risk management. The most common mistake newbies make is not taking risks. If you risk 10% of your capital on one trade, then a losing streak of 10 trades will turn your account to zero. Therefore, it is important first of all to reduce the level of risk to an acceptable level. Most often, this is no more than 1% per trade, and even less is better.

4) Choosing a strategy and following its rules. Not only is it difficult for a beginner to choose a trading strategy, because there are millions of them, you still need to follow its rules. It is unlikely that an inexperienced trader will be able to create a competent strategy for himself the first time, which will take into account all the parameters of the market.

5) Psychology. The concept of psychology includes, first of all, control of those emotions that arise when working with money. This is greed, fear, the desire to get rich quickly, the desire to win back losses and much more. Only a trader can experience more than 10 emotions and feelings in a short period of time. In this matter, it is important to control yourself, otherwise you can lose all your money. What many beginners cannot cope with.

These are the main 5 problems that many traders face when they enter the market. All this does not allow you to make money, but only to lose.

Fxcore.trade has a solution to these problems. And it is presented in the form of signals and help from experienced company specialists.

The fact is that fxcore.trade employs high-level traders and analysts who have extensive experience. They have created their own strategy, which has low levels of risk, it is flexible, flexible, understandable. Signals from this strategy are sent to everyone, especially new users. In this case, a beginner, while learning, gaining experience and practice, will not lose money, but will earn. Then the process will become more interesting, the initial enthusiasm does not disappear, and the desire to become successful traders will only grow.

Also, experts provide assistance with their advice, recommendations, tips.

So, the pros of working with fxcore.trade specialists:

1) You can learn to trade without losing money.

2) Help in difficult situations, for example, during a loss.

3) Earnings on trading from the first day.