Мой опыт работы с FXActive

My experience with FxActive

I usually don’t write reviews, let alone articles, but I was really impressed by FxActive!


It’s said that you go through three stages in trading:

  • You lose money – all beginners go through this stage, and most of them give up at this stage.
  • You do not lose money – but also you do not earn, just learn how to manage capital. 30% percent reaches this stage. And most of them leave at the second stage deciding that making money on Forex is not realistic.
  • You make a profit – a few reach this stage. But they are the ones who eventually begin to earn really good money.

I went through all three stages and now I want to share my experience, give some instructions, and talk about how novice traders succeed in this area and really start making money on Forex.

It all started in 2017 when I first heard about this type of earnings, and I was intrigued. I started looking for any information, reading articles, and watching video tutorials about what a stock exchange is and what trading terminals exist. I came across a lot of unknown terms – margin, shoulder, indicators, orders, and more.

I quickly realized that at the initial stage it would be difficult to understand this topic myself, so I recommend that you immediately turn to professionals for help.

So I did.

There will be a maximum of ten truly decent brokers in all English speaking countries. And hundreds of scammers who are inviting, promising high profits almost by the click of a button. And they try to convince you and pressure on everything – fears, fatigue from lack of money. People believe them, bring their last money to the deceivers, and then reviews appear on the network that Forex is a scam and it is not realistic to make money on it. So after a couple of fails, I start thinking in this way, I almost buried this idea, because during the year I did not move forward higher than the second stage. But here I saw the first person who really makes money on forex. This was my ex-classmate who advised me a really worthy broker – FxActive. That evening I went to their site and registered there. In the morning manager, Patrick called me (I want to note that the company has very pleasant and competent employees). We discussed with him all the details of our future cooperation, they answered all my questions and what you think, I was interested to try again!

Unfortunately, I invested a lot of money into previous companies, and my initial capital was about $ 500. And we must understand that earnings depend not only on the chosen strategy but also on the budget from which you start. For me, this amount was too big, but after a month I not only recovered the money but also earned plus $ 50. And I immediately invested this money in the next transaction, my profit was 25%. I personally made sure that all the managers at Fx Active are really interested in making your money work, they monitor all trading platforms. When stocks on news from IT companies Apple and Microsoft started growing, Patrick immediately called me and said that I need to act! And we won again with a bet of $ 1,000 – my net profit was 500 !!!

Of course, not everything went smoothly, there were drops, but there were so few that the profit absolutely covered losses. My manager also advised me to start working with the robot, and it really turned out to be very convenient, since it works for you even at night.

I understand that it’s hard to believe in words, so I’d like to present a picture of my balance at the moment.

FxActive отзывы

Now I get about 50% annually.

Everyone can earn on Forex who has at least a little quick wit and patience. If you want to make real money, and not write bad reviews about Forex, you just need to find a good broker, follow this advice, and move towards your goal.