24 fxg scam

24FXG Reviews – Scam!!!

According to reviews of traders 24FXG is another scam broker that offers trading services in the Forex market. It’s enough to look at the site of this scam broker. If you analyze it carefully, you will notice that there is no useful information for the client on it, only beautiful pictures and general phrases: there is no information about the creation date, trading conditions (spreads, leverage, and so on).

24FXG Reviews - Scam!!!

The site says that the company is registered in Hong Kong and the company’s site is owned by WideMedia Ltd, a Chinese manufacturer of radio tape recorders. Fraudsters wanted to use a famous brand but didn’t make any effort to find out what kind of brand it is – a common practice in scam circles.

24fxg scam

Since the company is registered in China, then all disputes will be settled in China and under Chinese legislation,  this is stated even in the user agreement. It will be very problematic if a customer wants to sue a company in China in case of fraud. According to the user agreement, the company can suspend work at any time if they find “reasons” for this. It means you are completely defenseless against these crooks.

24 fxg scam

Another worrying fact is the absence of the broker’s license.  And since they don’t have it, then they work completely outside the legal field. As a result, deceived clients can’t complain about them.

There is no information on leadership. They prefer to hide this information so that the victims of these scammers could not appeal to them.

24 fxg scam

Do you still doubt that this broker is a scam?

This rather young broker has already a bad reputation due to its fraudulent activities. 

There a lot of reviews about the work of these scammers on the Internet. Deceived customers share their experience sincerely and openly and want to warn other traders.

24 fxg reviews

Another forex trader is left without money

24 fxg reviews


Based on all the above, we do not recommend this broker. We assume that if you are reading this article, you are looking for reliable brokers – we have a list of trusted brokers for you. So, if you have faced the fraud, our team of lawyers is ready to help you return the money.