(UFT) United Forex Traders Group - DIVORCE!!!

(UFT) United Forex Traders Group – DIVORCE!!!

UFT GROUP – simple scam who get money out of you. Don’t trust your money to these scummers in any reason!!!

Broker UFT GROUP don’t registered anywhere. This company don’t have regulator and  a register, in a fact, he is in a grey area, he does not need to report to anyone. After reading real reviews on various forums,  you’re starting to get that all traders who worked with this platform lost money. 

In many reviews of the UFT Group, they say that the broker’s representatives can pull the wool over eyes perfectly. And some of the victims claim: they were hypnotized remotely and forced to give money. We doubt that scammers are able to subordinate anyone to their will. But the fact that they have a well-hung tongue is an indisputable fact. A lot of people suffered from the tricks of the broker’s representatives.

The main page of the site contains information about the ability to trade Forex assets, currency; cryptocurrency; shares; resources and goods; indices. But in the section “Asset specifications” there is completely different information. It makes it clear: “UFT Group” provides access not to real instruments, but to derivatives – CFDs. There is a big difference between them. For example, CFDs do not pay dividends. Currency and cryptocurrency CFDs cannot be withdrawn. And contracts for goods and resources do not imply real delivery.

Reviews about UFT Group

Reviews about UFT Group can be divided into 2 groups:

  • Negative. Theft complaints, slow withdrawals, losing trades, glitches and non-market quotes.
  • Order. Praise alone without a single proof.

We provide some screenshots of real reviews and stories about working with the UFT Group broker.

UFT Group scam
UFT Group - scam
UFT Group - scam
UFT Group - scam


UFT Group has many disadvantages. This broker has:

  • no registration and no regulator;
  • pronounced “kitchen” terms of trade;
  • bad reputation.

Do not open “My Account” at uftgroup.vip. You will lose time, money and confidence in the future, as everything will be taken from you.

Based on all the above, we do not recommend this broker. We assume that if you are reading this article, you are looking for reliable brokers – we have a list of trusted brokers for you. So, if you have faced the fraud, our team of lawyers is ready to help you return the money.